Invest in an Elite ad and your property will be in a premium location. Your listing will be seen above all Enhanced and Basic listings.

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Building Profiles Elite PLUS Elite Enhanced
Number of enquiries1
Equal highest number of enquiries
Equal highest number of enquiries
40% less enquiry than Elite Plus
71% less enquiry than Elite PLUS
Priority in search results
Rotation frequency (listing moves back to the top position)
Listing size
Listing appears on myFun and REA Global Property Network (For Sale only)
Extra location Available at $454 excl GST
Embedded video and virtual tour on desktop
Building name and landlord/vendor branding
Example Price2

1. Data is trended nationally, sourced from REA internal data January – April 2016. Building Profiles enquiries based on Elite Plus listing. 2. All prices exclude GST. Prices are based on for sale listing (VIC, CBD, 90 day duration) except Building Profiles. Building Profiles price is based on for sale listings, 180 day duration, single tier only nationally and includes three search result listings

Tailored Timeframes

Choose either a 90, 180 or 365-day campaign to perfectly suit your needs. Elite listings are a great way to put your property high up on the list.

More Images

An Elite listing comes with a photo carousel on the Property Details page to showcase your property in the best light.