Craft listing content that leaps off the screen

In 1996, Tom Cruise immortalised the quote, “Show me the money!” The movie was loosely based on the aspects of sports agents signing on athletes, but that one scene can almost certainly capture the angst that some property seekers experience when they are looking at listings online in 2018. Some frequent feedback we receive from property seekers on are that there are not enough;
  • Good quality photos,
  • Accurate prices or price range, or
  • Address details included on the listing. 
In fact, more than 9 in 10 consumers expect price (or price range), address and quality photos to be available on the online listing1
On the other side, we hear that by not showing those details, the property seeker will need to contact the listing agent to find out what the secret is all about, and some do, but there are approximately half of consumers say they are unlikely to enquire about a property if the listing does not include price2.
Are vendors / landlords ready to reduce the pool of property seekers that could do a deal?
Can they afford to keep the property on the market for long periods of time?
Some of these may seem like simple fixes, especially to a property seeker sitting behind a screen, but there are instances where confidentiality or competitive pressure means that a price may not be able to be displayed. This is where you as the expert, can take advantage and turn some of the other frustrations that property seekers experience when searching for listings into a positive - 
"Provide more information about the properties without always having to ask an Agent to realise the property you are looking at is not suited." - property seeker verbatim.
We all know that time is money, and your listing content is the best way to engage the property seeker from their first search. Take them through the attributes that create a pull to the listing, whilst remaining informative. A well-written listing is a gold mine that can build a deep connection with the property seeker, converting them from browser to a prospect and hopefully a deal.
The benefits of a well written listing can not only deliver you with qualified leads, they are a key piece of marketing and brand advertising for agents and agency’s. Here are some key tips to help improve your listing content;
  • Be accurate with the way you describe the listing - include available floor or land area, lease terms, tenancies, fit-out, outgoings, etc.
  • Take great photos of the space, with a good quality camera, and load the best ones to
  • Use punctuation correctly and avoid multiple exclamation marks (!!!!!!) or ellipses (…..)
  • Add your contact details into the correct forms in your XML or Agent Admin,
  • Try to craft a story that can help draw out why this is an opportunity for a business owner or investor to take action,
  • And, avoid the cliches.
1. Internal REA data 2017 consumer survey May-June. 2. Internal REA data 2015 consumer survey May-June.