Property Details Page

Property Details Page

We've come along way with our Property Details Page (PDP) over the year. Earlier this year we released a new PDP for app, then followed closely with the mobile PDP, so it is only fitting that we've completely overhauled the desktop PDP experience too.

In the latest release, we have focused on delivering property seekers with easy to navigate page information, as well as improvements in the way your brand and listing content is delivered, all in a way to make it eaiser for property seekers to find the information they need quickly. 

Some of the main features of the new PDP:

  • Prominent email Call To Action (CTA) - Primary CTA for enquiry, which is bigger, bolder and above the fold. 
  • New email enquiry form - Streamlined the enquiry form, reducing fields and making it more user friendly. 
  • Bigger images in media viewer - Media viewer will handle larger image sizes which takeover the majority of the screen
  • Prominent Map feature - The new desktop PDP has map front and centre.
  • Add to calendar EOI and Tender dates 
  • Prominent media icons
  • Clearer layout of information
  • Prominent agency branding

Better Upgrade differentiation

One of our main objectives with the new PDP was to build out the differences between the depth tiers to provide more opportunities to increase your ROI. 

Elite PLUS Basic

Our Elite PLUS PDP has prominent branding in header and agency contacts, agent headshots, larger images, larger map and is ad free, compared to our Basic which has no branding or agent headshots, smaller images and map and the content has to compete with ads and other agencies branding on the page through the native ad and the Active Agency leaderboard (coming shortly).