Wellbeing Webinar Series Session 1: Wellbeing Fundamentals

Webinar recorded Wednesday 8 September 2021

In this session, organisational Psychologist Dr Adrian Medhurst shared valuable and effective ways to take wellbeing action, including:

  • Identifying your #1thingwell and using the Check-In approach, with both yourself and others
  • Investing in your wellbeing and performance simultaneously with a ‘Work-Life Agility’ mindset
  • Giving yourself a breather with mindful practices

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About Benny Button

REA Group have been working with the team at Benny Button since 2020 to support its people globally. Benny Button are thought leaders in performance psychology, wellbeing science, workplace culture and engagement. Their progressive approach to wellbeing and stress mastery is helping people and organisations to navigate their way through the pandemic and in doing so, unlocking the potential for innovation and growth.